Document name Admission date Download
Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on joining the Universal Postal Union and its Final Protocol 21.12.2012
Law on Personal Data 11.05.2015
On ratification of the Convention on the Protection of Persons Related to Automated Processing of Personal Data 30.09.2009
Law on the The Republic of Azerbaijan on right to obtain information 30.09.2005
Law on Telecommunication 14.06.2005
Law on e-trade 10.05.2005
Law on state secret 09.03.2005
Law on e-signature and e-document 09.03.2004
Law on TV and radio broadcasting 25.06.2002
Law on ratification of the Convention on Cybercrime 23.11.2001
Law on State Service 12.07.2019
“On Information, Informatization and Protection of Information 03.04.1998