An educational booklet about information security on “Facebook” was published in Azerbaijan

26 Sep 2014

An educational booklet about information security on “Facebook” was published by Cyber Security Center. The development of the Internet is rapidly penetrating our lives. This shows itself mostly in social networks on internet. Day by day, the number of  Facebook users are steadily increasing. So, some people can’t imagine their life without social networks and use it for different purposes (such as, work, communication, entertaining and so on).

In this case, users’ security in social networks is on the agenda. Problems that social network users faced are these: to be stolen their accounts by others, to be created fake accounts on behalf of them, to spread spam and viruses via social network, to be published photos that belong to the users in an unpleasant way. The reason for this is that users don’t have sufficient information for providing information security of their accounts. “Facebook” is in the front row among social networks in Azerbaijan like some countries.

Taking into account all these factors, Cyber Security Center (CERT) under the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies has prepared an educational booklet for local users. Booklet in which are noted security issues and the ways of fighting against unpleasant cases on “Facebook” , is talking about to provide information security issues in social network.

Booklet has been prepared on the basis of current usage and safety rules of Facebook. The topics mentioned in the booklet mainly covers the following areas:


- Security rules to follow while using Facebook social network


- The most important steps for security of your Facebook account ( notification message and security code)


- Measures to return stolen Facebook account


- Spreading ways of spam and viruses via Facebook (Facebook applications, phishing attacks, and so on) and provision of security technuqies against them


- Fake accounts


- Getting neccessary information  related with your Facebook account


An educational booklet prepared by CERT.AZ with support of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies consists of tips and recommendations about information security. You can get electronic version of the booklet from the section of Public Awareness of website.