Million users impacted by new SimBad Android adware

15 Mar 2019

Researchers have uncovered a sophisticated malware campaign spreading the SimBad agent through the official Google Play Store. According to experts, more than 150 million users were already impacted.

SimBad disguises itself as ads, it is hidden in the RXDrioder software development kit (SDK) used for advertising purposes and monetization generation. Every application developed using the tainted SDK includes the malicious code.

“The malware resides within the ‘RXDrioder’ Software Development Kit (SDK), which is provided by ‘addroider[.]com’ as an ad-related SDK. We believe the developers were scammed to use this malicious SDK, unaware of its contentleading to the fact that this campaign was not targeting a specific county or developed by the same developer.” 

According to Check Point, Most of the infected applications are simulator games, followed by photo editors and wallpapers applications. Below the list of top 10 apps infected with SimBad malware:

  1. Snow Heavy Excavator Simulator (10,000,000 downloads)
  2. Hoverboard Racing (5,000,000 downloads)
  3. Real Tractor Farming Simulator (5,000,000 downloads)
  4. Ambulance Rescue Driving (5,000,000 downloads)
  5. Heavy Mountain Bus Simulator 2018 (5,000,000 downloads)
  6. Fire Truck Emergency Driver (5,000,000 downloads)
  7. Farming Tractor Real Harvest Simulator (5,000,000 downloads)
  8. Car Parking Challenge (5,000,000 downloads)
  9. Speed Boat Jet Ski Racing (5,000,000 downloads)
  10. Water Surfing Car Stunt (5,000,000 downloads)

The full list of malware-infected apps is available here.