Attention to messages sent via Whatsapp!

04 Sep 2013



TrendMicro reports that  hackers have already begun  to tamper  with the mobile devices via emails. The growing number of mobile threats appears in new  ways. Attackers trying to infiltrate mobile devices entices users with  unwanted emails. Malware peddlers have decided to bank on the popularity of the WhatsApp programme in order to entice users.

TrendMicro  experts  report that attack starts with a fake  WhatsApp notification delivered  via email, claiming that the user has received new voicemail.   Pressing the Play button will redirect users to different malicious sites .  They will be taken to a site that warns them that they should download an update for their browser. As  the  users click  Play button malware is loading   to the computer.

If the user opens  the message and  downloads  malware as  the attackers wish  it  will send short text messages to the pre defined  codes. Besides it, another application may be required to install. It is recommended to be careful with the fake emails and  not to click messages from  unknown resources.