Security rules while using credit cards online

14 Nov 2014

Nowadays Internet is used for different reasons. People can do shopping, bank operations through Internet without leaving home, or office. But it is inevitable to face some threats such as bullying during these operations by using your credit cards. So to avoid from such fraud and identity theft and other threats during online shopping and operations , it is important to know ways of protection of personel information. For security of your account information you need to know the following  security rules:


- Be sure that your browser and antivirus are updated

- Log off or sign out browsers or the websites after using shared or public computers. It prevents reveling your personal information by someone else by pushing the button “back”.

- Use trusted websites which has reputation while doing online shopping

- Read security policy and define security issues on the website that you use( if there is not,it is already negative case)

- Don’t tell or send your personal and financial information to anyone via e-mail or telephone

- Don’t send your sensitive information to people and companies you don’t know. It is known that one of the popular e-mail fraud forms is “phishing”. Such e-mails ask you your username, password, credit card details, and forward you to the fake sites. Phishing e-mails ask the reader to click on links to websites that are infected with malware.

- Pay attention to the symbols during online shopping. It is important to be padlock in the control panel of Browser; “s” or "Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) after “http” in URL;

- Use Alert message service. Bank sends you message about intervention to your account.

- When you register on some websites, use strong passwords with more than six symbols. And try to put the symbols – letters and figures in different places.  

- Don’t save or store your credit card details in your and e-mails account or files in your computer.