Children Internet Security

07 Feb 2014

In order to ensure the safety of children on the internet, children are responsible as their parents. Through a fast and unlimited access to internet significantly simplify the life and it is an educational and fun tool for children. About the safety of children on the internet, both parents and children must be correctly directed. However, we must emphasize that parents, internet service providers, educational institutions and government are responsible for this issue. Safe use of Internet plays an important role for each individual life and this security is more important for children. Should be used “Information filtering” service which offered by providers, for children to get information that appropriate to their age, with a convenient way  and to stay away from harmful content. But that is not all.

It is known that, children does not use the internet, which is available only at home. At the same time, they also access to the internet at school or internet clubs and get information. As a result of the project which carried out by the state, at schools they use filtered internet.

But we can’t say it about internet clubs. Therefore, one of the important stages of ensuring the safety of children on the Internet, is to explain to children, how important is this issue and avoidance them from harmful contents. 

We would like note that, in 2013, Cyber Security Center carried out awareness events in order to ensure the safety of the children on the internet, participated in discussions about this issue, within the framework of international conferences, which held in Azerbaijan, and prepared a number of proposals In order to ensure the safety of children on the internet.  At the same time, in the current year it is intended the implementation of measures in this field.