Recommendations of Cyber Security Center to ensure safety of modems at homes and small offices

06 Mar 2014

Cyber Security Center recommends to users for ensuring safety of modems at homes and small offices:


      1.When you enter modem settings, do not save your password in the memory of browser.

      2.Often clean a cache memory of your web browser.

      3.Change your passwords which you enter with it to modem settings.

      4.Immediately check from modem settings that your DNS parameters were changed or not.

      5.Restrict access to web interface of modem.

      6.Deactivate remote control devices if it is not needed.

      7.If it is necessary, restrict IP addresses, which entering modem from out.



If you does not follow rules about safety of modems, you can face great problems. Thus, at the beginning of March 2014, hundreds of thousands modems have been exposed to attacks due to presence of these security vulnerabilities. You can follow news about this vulnerability: